Welcome to our Token Fundraise, funding a new Carboncoin network and loads of trees!

Total raised so far: $

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Please note the token fundraise has not started and the site is populated with dummy data. The Ethereum Classic contract and token are real, but they are test versions that will be replaced when the fundraise begins.

The story so far

Carboncoin has been running successfully for four years with faster transactions than Bitcoin and all off the power of two lightbulbs

The network is healthy and well, with a thriving community we were thrilled to reconnect with during the recent coin swap.

But we have got where we are without being able to hire a full time coding team or a business development operation.

The time has come for Carboncoin to evolve.

Carboncoin Power

New Carboncoin

We have designed several new features and services which, when built, will greatly assist us in achieving our goal of being of unprecedented benefit to the environment.

We plan to implement these into a new network to be built with the proceeds from the token fundraise, using all advances in cryptocurrency technology which serve our use case.

The Environment

Our Token Fundraise

There will be 16 Billion New Carboncoins when the new network is launched at the end of the development period, after the completion of the fundraise.

When you participate, you will receive ERFC20 tokens which will be used as a holding mechanism. Each Carboncoin holding token will be redeemable for 100 New Carboncoins once the new network is released.

For more information, please browse the Official Statements section of our forum.